“We all have different demons to face,” says Alexiane, the globetrotting singer-songwriter best known for her 2017 hit “A Million on My Soul,” produced by Stargate and featured in Luc Besson’s blockbuster film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. “Music is the best way I know to look those demons in the eye.” It’s that unflinching honesty, coupled with the knack for finding hope in the darkest places, that packs the emotional punch behind the Quebec's native music.

For Alexiane, the demons arrived in childhood when she was diagnosed with a severe and lifelong skin disease. Shuttling between Montreal and Senegal, in West Africa, the young Alexiane soaked up the Afro-Latin, French, and North American sounds of her childhood and quickly turned demons to muses, writing lyrics and melodies to make sense of the pain and amass the hope and strength to overcome that are still the heart of her music.

With more than 10 million YouTube views from her first single under her belt, Alexiane turns her attention next to her full-length debut, Into the Sun and its lead single “Safe Haven.”