safe haven


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" Safe haven is about the difficulty of healing. But it's also about the beauty of healing. It's about finding shelter in something you love, something that's there for you to make you feel better when everything seems hopeless. In my case, it's about music being there for me when my health is shit.

“We all have different demons to face,” says Alexiane, the globetrotting singer-songwriter whose powerful voice was introduced to the world this summer in the major motion picture Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. “I’m drawn to writing about the journey from hurt to healing.”

It’s a journey brought to life by her infinitely expressive voice, which seamlessly glides from airy, honey-soaked heights to a demon-summoning, throaty rasp. Having already scored a hit with her debut single “A Million on My Soul,” from Valerian, Alexiane turns her attention next to her full-length debut, Into the Sun and its lead single “Safe Haven.” Says Alexiane: “We all have demons, but I know that we all have safe havens. Music is my safe haven.”